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- It's so simple to use even a 5-year-old can do it and you can have a site that makes you money on autopilot in less than 7 days...

"Thrilled with Easy Site Magic..."

Hey George,

Thanks! I'm honestly thrilled with Easy Site Magic, makes even a dummy like me look like a pro :p

Great product, congrats!


Ewen Chia

The Greek madman would be me <grin>

My buddies think I'm nuts because I want to give you a secret piece of software I have been using myself for some time now in order to increase my Internet profits...

Now, you too will be able to use it and profit from it...

There are thousands of sites on the Internet today that earn just pennies per day (or even worse, they put their owners in debt). In fact "split tests" have shown that if you apply some specific methods to a site, you can see net profits increase times ten.

So many sites can't turn visitors into subscribers and customers that it ain't funny... and... there's really no reason for this to be happen to your site too. That's how this piece of software can help you...

And yes, we are talking about a really simple piece of software here...

It doesn't have fancy buttons flashing and it doesn't have beautiful "fonts" in it...

In fact, the background environment of the software is a "greenish" kinda colour (like the one on this page you are reading!) The buttons of the software have a boring white colour with blue letters on it too...

But then again, there's no need to get fancy... or complicated...

This piece of software is not for people who like getting the latest "gizmo" on the market, play with it for a couple of hours and then let it gather "digital dust" on their PCs...

No sir...

It's for those who understand that building a website that makes money on autopilot requires some "technical stuff" too...

Don't let the word "technical" scare you off... because... you don't need to do it yourself. The software will...

"A real Time- Saver..."

Your software is a real time saver!

As a programmer, I could easily create those scripts myself, but why re-invent the wheel?

It's the most comprehensive set of profitable scripts I've seen in a software package.

I like it so much that I've created a shortcut to it on my desktop - and I never do that as I don't like to clutter up my desktop.

Well done!

Best regards,

Adrin Ling

How Many of These Elements Do You Think You Could Use on Your Site To Increase Your Net Profits?

  • A small piece of code that when added to your page can increase sales by up to 30% instantly!
  • 2 tricks that encourage visitors to come back to your site again (as a rule of thumb, the more times people are exposed to your "message", the more they buy)
  • 3 ways you can use to build your opt-in list quickly and easily (completely "set and forget")
  • Add real deadlines that vanish automatically on the date you specify! For example, you can run a special promotion that will end on a specific date. And on that date, the offer will disappear... automatically! (yes, even if you are away on the beach)
  • 24 different types of "page transitions". You can have your site change from page to page with ways that will capture your visitor's attention. Works with Internet Explorer (about 93% of users).
  • Produce a rotation for up to 10 banners. The banners will be rotated every "X" seconds and include clickable hyperlinks. You can link the banners to affiliate programs of yours so that you earn hands-free commissions (or you can link them to product of yours or products you may have resale rights for)
  • If you are not sure about how to create a specific colour you want, there are colour "palettes" available that will do this a breeze. (You just click on your favourite colour from the 256 available and the software will turn it into the appropriate "hexadecimal code" (see why I hate techie stuff? <grin>)
  • Produce a copyright message that doesn't need updating. Each year the date will click over to the correct year. There's no bigger turn off than a site that looks outdated...
  • Create advanced popups like the ones marketing giant John Reese recommends (This specific tool can be accessed from a special link with the software that takes you to a password protected area on my site. You'll also get a unique username and password).
  • Create a Frequently Asked Questions page with up to 10 questions. Additional questions and answers can be added to the page by "hand". Your visitors will be able to select their question from a drop down menu and the respective answer will appear instantly underneath the question!
  • And much more!
  • "All the resources available in one software..."

    Hi George,

    I'm really impressed with your new creation, 'Easy Site Magic'.

    It has all the scripts and resources that are needed by any person wishing to get involved in Internet marketing.

    Just imagine... having all the resources available in one software. What an outstanding concept. George, thanks for your great contribution to all of us involved on the Internet.

    Richard Quek

    But, before tellng you more about this piece of software, let me share with you a cool concept on...

    How Having a Site That Converts Visitors to Customers Like Crazy Can Translate into Truckloads of Targeted Traffic For You...

    Here's a little secret: There are many people in the industry who are looking for the "best deals" to promote online. By "best deals" I mean sites that convert visitors to customers easily and that have a high "visitor value".

    These people have huge optin lists of targeted subscribers... and... they want to send them to your site if it is "strong enough" to convert them to buyers...

    For example, if you have a product selling for $50, you can give half of that to webmasters who will send you a customer. The customer pays you $50 and then you give $25 to your affiliate or joint venture partner...

    If Someone Wanted to Give You $50 in Order to Give Him Back Just $25, How Many Times Would You Do it? Ten times? A Hundred Times? More?

    And... you know what? Even if your site is getting traffic already, you still need to make the maximum amount of profits from it. Why? Because it just makes sense!

    If for example you receive 50 visitors a day to your site and you make $50, wouldn't it be great if you managed to make them bring you double (or triple) the profits each and every day?

    This can be achieved rather easily if you know what you are doing (and more importantly how to do it)


    The name of the software I'm talking about is "Easy Site Magic" because that's exactly what it does... It allows you to add "magic" to your site, quickly, easily and with no need for an expensive programmer.



    "Very simple to use..."


    I've just finished going through Easy Site Magic. I've got to say I'm impressed!

    I've been creating web pages for almost 10 years now, and I sure wish I had something like this when I started! It makes adding the 'special features' you see on so many other sites to your own site a piece of cake.

    Sure, I don't *need* Easy Site Magic to do it - I've got the tools and information to do all those tricks (or I can find it). But the *convenience* of having everything in one place, and being able to quickly access it with just a few clicks is invaluable. No more wondering where I left a particular script on my computer!

    I also like how you've made it very simple to use. So simple that I'm convinced anyone can use it. Even if they don't have much experience creating a web page.

    Two thumbs up George - Easy Site Magic is fantastic!

    Jason Anderson

    Here are some more things that Easy Site Magic can do for you:

    • Generate dropdown menus with up to five different options for your visitors. Each option can be hyperlinked to point wherever you like. You can link each of the choices to affiliate products of yours. Let your visitors decide what they are interested in and then earn commissions on their purchase!
    • Get creative with your page by using "IFrames". Essentially, they allow you to include another page within any page you chose on your site. There's a specific "wizard" that will quickly help you add them into your pages.
    • PopUp Alert: This wizard will create an alert pop up button that asks your users if they wish to subscribe to your newsletter. People are lazy. If they can give you their name and email with just a couple of clicks, they will likely take that option! Great for building your list quickly and easily...
    • Cloak your affiliate links from Internet predators with a few clicks. Stop losing commissions that are rightfully yours!
    • Stop the email spam robots from getting your email address from your web site. Stop spending your time deleting spam when you can be out having fun!
    • Create a special "mailto" tag that allows your visitors to send an email to you and also a carbon copy of the email to an additional email you chose. The body of the email can also be already filled in by you.
    • Quickly and efficiently create your all important "meta tags". This wizard will make your meta coding so much easier. Create meta tags for a number of pages in one session by just changing a few variables. The search engine spiders look for these tags on your site because they help them index you in their database...
    • Create links that change colour when visitors "hover" their mouse above them. This gives your links a sense of "aliveness" and makes them even more inviting for your visitors to click on them...
    • Produce popup or popunder windows quickly and easily. You can put additional offers on your site or invite your visitors to opt-in to your mailing list...
    • Protect your images by hiding them behind a "transparent image". Many people online will be more than willing to steal your images and use them on your site. This little trick will make it really hard for them to rip you off...
    • Give your page some dynamic content by creating up to 10 "Random Text" messages for your page. Each time the page is loaded a random text message appears...
    • Create coloured Scrollbars: The colored scrollbars can only be seen in IE5+ browsers. All other browsers will just present their normal scrollbar. Great for "spicing up" your site. (If you are using IE5+, you are seeing this effect as we speak on the right side of this page...)
    • Add background sound to your site quickly, easily and with no need for monthly fees!
    • Do you have a lot of thumbnail graphics linked to larger graphics? You can create pages on the fly opening the graphic in a popup window with its own close button.
    • Time of Day Greetings: Your site can greet your visitors with a different message depending on what time of day it is!
    • Mouseover Image: This wizard will create graphic button "rollovers". Have you seen those cool "navigational menus" on the left side of some sites? You will be able to create such menus quickly and easily. You will also find links to some FREE graphic button sites.
    • Add a translation button on your site so that your visitors can translate your site from English to German, French, Spanish, Portuguese or Italian...
    • How to encrypt your code quickly and easily so that people can't get a hold of all the cool tricks you will be using on your page...
    • And much more than I can think of right now!

    "Save a lot of money and/or time..."

    Hi George,

    Your "Easy Site Magic" tools are invaluable for everyone who can put up a few pages on the net but doesn't know a lick of programming code like JavaScript, and the like. Yes, I hate to admit it but I belong into that category as well.

    But it doesn't matter. I CAN copy and paste, though, so my websites can be enhanced with scripts that otherwise would require a programmer. These scripts could save anyone a lot of money and/or time...

    Well done!


    Detlev Reimer

    Oh, by the way, you don't need to "install" anything on your PC or your "server". Once you download Easy Site Magic, you just open it and have access to all the moneymaking tricks I just mentioned...

    More comments from happy customers...

    "George, congratulations... the software idea is just too good to believe.



    I really want to thank you George for giving me the opportunity to try out your new product. I think that Easy Site Magic is a very user friendly product that can be utilized by anyone from newbie to guru.

    It is so easy to understand and use. You have put everything in one place with this product that a person could want for designing their web-pages. But the best part for me is that with just a few clicks of the mouse I can have a better web-page without going insane or pulling out all of my hair.

    Jahneen Johnson

    Hi George,

    Your product is an absolute gem! Some terrific scripts that do wonders for my site, I'm really pleased with the ease and simplicity that you provide. Being a non-techie I especially like the cut and paste facility...I know how to do that! :¬)

    Well Done! You have a "Winner" on your hands.

    Kind regards,


    Rayzee International.
    "Making IT work for you..."

    Very intuitive and useful! This is a great piece of software to have around and I'm gonna put it on my desktop.

    I don't know what explanations you would need to explain how to use it. Click and fill in the answers. What else do ya need?!

    Thank you.

    Bob Blick

    This product is the cat's "meow".

    Anyone serious about building or adding functions to their web sites should get it.

    One of the forums I am on just had a discussion on two of the options.

    I couldn't answer the question then but I can now <grin>

    Thanks George!

    Chuck Baslock

    Hi George,

    I think that "Easy Site Magic" is a killer product. Why? Because it contains an assortment of easily-accessible Site-Enhancing Scripts consolidated into one User-Friendly Package. It's just a matter of filling in the blanks and/or cut and paste...How's that for convenience?

    It's like having your own auto-programmer at your beck and call...

    Rus Kramer

    I'm sure that by now you wonder how much such a piece of software will cost...

    This may be a good question... but... we need to put things into perspective first...

    For example, if you hired a programmer or a webmaster to do all these stuff for you, you would be probably looking at thousands of dollars (Heck, some programmers don't even know that some of these things are possible).

    Or, you could "ask around" and waste weeks of your precious time to find some of these functions for free on "programmer forums" etc... What is your time worth to you?

    And... get this:

    From a "marketing standpoint" I could make the maximum amount of money by selling Easy Site Magic for about $198. Why? Because "high-ticket items" have more perceived value. It's true! People assume that if something is expensive, it's probably the best!

    For example, a famous pop corn brand (Orville Redenbacher) came in a jar instead of a bag. And... on the jar it said: "The world's most expensive popping corn". It sold like hot cakes...

    However, I'm not going to ask for $198 or even $98. Why? Because I want you to be so thrilled for the value you'll get for your money that you will tell a couple of your friends about Easy Site Magic as well...

    Actually, I'm willing to lose a bit on the "front end" in order to gain in the "back end". But... you shouldn't really be concerned with all this "marketing mumbo jumbo". All that matters to you is that in three minutes you will have downloaded Easy Site Magic for just $27...

    This is a very generous offer and it becomes a "no brainer" if you take into account the fact that implementing just one of the elements of Easy Site Magic, could have you in profit within a couple of hours from now!

    Best part:

    You don't need to decide today because you are protected by my 90-day "My Baby Dinosaur Ate it" full money-back guarantee:

    My guarantee to you is straightforward with zero fine print:

    Download Easy Site Magic and go through it. Use it. Abuse it. Give the tires a good kick. Implement any of the tricks you want on your site (or as many sites as you have).

    If you honestly feel that Easy Site Magic didn't at least double your revenue (I'm talking aboput net profit in your pocket here), just let me know and I will refund every penny...

    You don't need any "excuses" like "my baby dinosaur ate it"...

    You don't even need to "send" anything back or delete it from your PC. You can continue using Easy Site Magic and profiting from it...

    It's my way of saying "Thanks for giving us a try...

    When you do business with me, I don't want you to feel guilty or afraid. Instead, I want you to feel delighted. And I want you to experience first hand what first-class customer service feels like...

    Would that work for you? I sure hope so...

    Note: Easy Site Magic can be currently used only byPC users (Who use Microsoft Windows I mean). Sorry Macs... I know that you always get the short end of the stick...

    You will also need to have Internet Explorer installed for it to work (it doesn't need to be the default browser. It just needs to be installed... which covers 99.99% of all PC users anyway ;-)


    "Have a better conversion rate immediately"


    Did you know that I've been 'scouting' around to find a pop up creator software that can generates pop ups that cannot be blocked?

    You are a lifesaver not only to me, but to many internet marketers for coming up with Easy Site Magic that have this special feature of cannot-be-block pop up generator!

    Not to mention the other 28 other features, your software will be a one-stop-solution to create a webpage that will guarantee to have a better conversion rate immediately.

    Instead of opening 10 software applications to use, I can get it all at once with 'Easy Site Magic' software.

    Patric Chan
    Internet Infoprenuer

    Well, I don't know if there's anything more left to say... If you want to increase your online profits even if you are not a "techie", then Easy Site Magic is what you've been looking for...

    Stop banging your head against a brick wall. Leave that to the masochists. Just proceed to the form below and find out how to download Easy Site Magic immediately...

    Welcome to Your Risk-Free Acceptance Form

    If you'd like to enjoy the benefits of having a site that sells your products and services, then I have good news for you. There are no "hoops" for you to go through or complicated procedures (complicated stuff was always giving me a headache anyway).

    There in not one but three e-a-s-y ways for you to own a copy of Easy Site Magic: Paypal, StormPay and 2Checkout (credit card)...

    Important Note: You don't need to have an "account" with Paypal or 2Checkout (Contrary to what some people may have falsely told you). You can place your secure order for Easy Site Magic in less than one minute flat and be on your way to onine success!

    Time-sensitive update: Because you are taking action for your business today, you will also receive access to something very special...

    It's an exciting 69-minute audio where a single father of three kids tells you how he went from earning $300 a week to $50,000 a month! (You read that correctly. Per month)

    This is valued at $97 and I was planning on selling it. But... I won't. Instead, I will give it to you for free once you download Easy Site Magic.

    I will only make a few copies of this audio available and after a while I will forbid access to it. Why? Because the audio is about 12,5 megabytes in size (remember, it's 69 minutes long!) and my server resources take a serious hit with every download. So, I will be withdrawing it any day now (I don't really have a choice here...)

    Trust me: The ideas and inspiration you will get from this audio alone can literally transform your business!

    Once you select one of the transaction methods below, you will be immediately transfered to the secure server of the service you selected. In less than two minutes you will be downloading Easy Site Magic as well as the secret audio I promised... all for just $27!


    "Great value..."


    There isn't much that I like and feel I will use enough to warrant a shortcut on my desktop, but you now have one!

    What struck me is there have been many softwares selling for $35-40 that do ONE of these useful things. Yours does dozens of them for only a little more and keeps them in one handy place. Well done. Great value..."

    Pamela Heywood
    www .pamela-heywood.com

    Thanks for reading,


    George Katsoudas and Diane Hughes

    PS. Remember: You are fully protected by my personal guarantee to you. Either Easy Site Magic at least doubles your site profits (net) or you don't pay a dime. Just download Easy Site Magic today and enjoy the benefits of owning a site that sells!

    PPS. Ask yourself this: If you don't download Easy Site Magic immediately, how much more money are you going to be leaving on the table... and why should that happen? Every second you are not using these methods, you are losing money from your competitors that are rightfully yours. If you don't download Easy Site Magic today, we both know that you probably never will (because you'll forget).

    PPPS. Remember that having a succesful site means more than just "money" (although it certainly doesn't hurt). It's about the lyfestyle really. Do you think you could live more comfortably? Have less stress? Go on more frequent vacations? Make your loved ones more presents? Enjoy more social recognition and "fame"? If you are nodding your head as you read these lines, then take action today!

    "You've just managed to weave hundreds of hours worth of professional web designer knowledge and expertise into one amazing program..."


    Easy Site Magic is a fantastic piece of software.

    But I think you missed something in your promotion of it...

    ...Not only will it save thousands of web site owners time and help them generate levels of income like never before but it'll also make surfing the web far so much more enjoyable.

    Why? Well you've just managed to weave hundreds of hours worth of professional web designer knowledge and expertise into one amazing program, literally anyone can use this to create dazzling web sites and sales pages at the click of a few buttons.

    Simon Hodgkinson

    Own Easy Site Magic Now

    The income examples on this website are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. Each individual's success will be determined by his or her desire, dedication, background, product, effort and motivation to work and follow the program. There is no guarantee you will duplicate the results stated here. You recognize that any business endeavor has inherent risk for loss of capital.